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myPhoneRoom Reviews

myPhoneRoom Reviews

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Launched in August of 2009, the myPhoneRoom was founded by J. Joshua Beistle after months of undergoing beta testing and development. It was designed to deliver professional call center service from its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

Its impeccable system is ably complemented by highly trained and professional staff members that are equipped with the necessary skills in lead generation. There are three service packages available for clients to choose from; the Classic Subscription Service, Pro Service Program, and the Executive.

Features of myPhoneRoom

By subscribing to the service provided by MyPhoneRoom, the company takes over the chores of sifting and sorting prospects to identify who are serious and qualified based on a unique set of business criteria. Once a prospect is identified, he is immediately connected to the client using 3-way phone call transfers. Other potential features that clients may find attractive are:

• Answers the prayers of people who hate doing prospect calls
• Highly trained appointment setters eliminates the need for manual lead qualification
• Presents a professional image of the client
• Allows for the enjoyment of freedom by leveraging time
• Instant positioning of successful leaders with high quality prospects
• Delivers professional scripting with review services
• Handles conventionally mind-numbing and tedious processes of prospecting by calling leads
• Gives prospects the option to subscribe using the client’s website
• Delivers access to state of the art call center technology
• Availability of 3-way conferencing over conventional telephone
• Implementation of revolutionary Cloud Computing procedures
• Allows clients to pursue other fields of interests while enjoying time with their family
• Clients are immediately notified using Internet, chat, and phone, once hot prospects have been identified
• Helps industries to generate substantial savings through outsourcing
• Prospects are built up by spending quality time with them


myPhoneRoom Pros

Very few companies have discovered the immense value of outsourcing as a business model. Now myPhoneRoom helps to emphasize its importance to the business community by making its service available to virtually any type of industry. Some potential benefits that can be enjoyed by clients include:

• Gives clients who value their time with a cost effective way of screening and developing quality leads
• Business owners can use their time more wisely and productively by focusing on running the operation of their business
• Delivers the ultimate solution for those who dislike the feeling of frustration and rejection that accompanies the process of calling up prospects
• By outsourcing the qualification of callers, business owners can focus on stretching the business
• Implementing a systematic way of qualifying leads can double or triple potential profits
• Successfully eliminates dead end prospects that will not contribute to the growth of the business of the client
• The goal of going into business is to make money and not become the operator, customer service personnel, or even the janitor, these are things that any legitimate business will delegate and is made possible by myPhoneRoom
• Executive members can create customized voice messages that is sent out after the initial two contacts
• Leads can be easily imported with a click of a button
• Joining immediately provides 500 free leads with an option to buy wholesale leads exclusively from them
• The website of the client can be easily integrated into the service to allow all generated leads to funnel into the system directly through seamless integration
• Free training programs can be used by clients to learn how to effectively generate leads

myPhoneRoom Cons

Despite the seemingly flawless implementation of myPhoneRoom, there are a few downsides to the service. Although they are considered more as a nuisance rather than a serious problem, it is still important to take note of them.

• The 8 phone calls automatically placed once a lead does not answer the initial contact can be construed as invasive by some people
• The cost options provided for clients can be changed without necessarily having to inform clients
• Clients that join lower levels are only given ten days to upgrade, otherwise, they are charged the full price thereafter

Personally Admired Benefits of myPhoneRoom

The clients of myPhoneRoom enjoy comparatively higher success rates because of the added credibility that is associated with employing personal appointment setters for their business. As Cheryl Crowther of CA points out “it is more like icing on the cake with an unexpected high touch professional point of contact during the transition of lead.” She further states that, “My Phone Room is picking up steam and if you are sitting on the fence, it would make a lot of sense to get in now while you still can one of the first to get in.“

For Diana and John Petracone of MA, their business has grown like wildfire despite using the system for only 30 days. They even believe that it is an essential tool for every network marketer. “With just a handful of my team members using the service so far, collectively we have put 100 people in our team in less than 10 days! Now that’s success! This is every network marketer’s dream!”, so declares Nitsa Nakos of BC, Canada.

Provider Tips

There is no doubt that in the business world, the ultimate key to success would be the ability to leverage by working smarter and not harder. Therefore, myPhoneRoom strongly recommends that because of the many details that network marketers have to consider in their line of business, it would be to their advantage to outsource the lead generation and prospecting portion of their business.
This will allow them to concentrate on the essentials rather than face the problem of answering dozens of emails, reading through piles of paperwork that clutter your desk, or training down lines. Instead, you can focus your efforts in attending company meetings and talking only to legitimately qualified prospects. This will result in a more valuable and productive use of your time. It will also translate to an improvement of your close rate.


Final Thoughts on myPhoneRoom

There is no question that with the immense benefits combined with flexible plans; many business owners will find sufficient value in subscribing to this type of service. By designing the plans in such a way that anyone from novice to expert marketers can take advantage of them will yield in significant profit. Maximizing technological advances will allow constant connection for offline marketers with online strategies.


Anyone who needs to increase the value of their products or services in the market will agree that this is a potential gold mine. If you consider yourself a serious business person and want to have significant profit margins, then myPhoneRoom is a solution you cannot turn your back on.

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  1. A very in depth and comprehensive review of what appears to be a great service. My concern is trusting, or allowing somebody to make the decision on what is considered a hot lead and what is considered a cool lead/time waster/not interested? Many callers may just need a little gentle persuasion, some may appear to be disinterested but are actually ready to buy. Only somebody who knows a business inside out would actually be able to differentiate between the two, surely? However, I completely agree with the concept behind it, missed calls DO equal missed business opporunities and answering calls does take up a lot of time – having this done for me certainly saves a lot of time and money.

    • Melanie, a cold lead is a person who does not answer the phone. A warm lead is someone who does answer the phone and is willing to talk to you.

      At least that is how I use the service. You can give detailed parameters to myPhneRoom on what you consider a warm lead.

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