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If you are in this website about to read this article about Jusuru, then you are most probably interested in becoming a distributor of the products that the company has to offer. This means that you would want to make it your business but you are concerned whether this company will really provide you with a good business opportunity or if it will just scam you out of your money. In this article, we will take a look at the history of the company, the products that it offers, how you can make money through the company, and if becoming a distributor will really provide you with a good flow of stable income.

In purchasing products or paying for a service, it pays to read helpful and unbiased product and consumer reviews before you actually do so. This will help you determine whether the product or the service you are going to spend money on is worthy of your time and your money. This article about Jusuru is an honest assessment that takes a look into the background of the company, a review on its various products, and if joining the company is really a worthy and sound investment. Reading this article thoroughly will help you make the right decision of whether to be a distributor or not.


About the Company

This company is involved mainly in the sales of its main product called Jusuru Juice. Founded in the year 2009 by BioCell Technology’s Executive Vice President Asma Ishaq, the company’s headquarters is located in Orange County, California. From the day that the company has launched its products, it is now continuously growing in size and in power. This is mainly because the claims of the company’s founding member, Asma Ishaq, is backed up by his extensive college experience as well as the knowledge and experience of the company’s other members.
The number of satisfied customers of the products that Jusuru has to offer propelled the company to be considered by a lot of people as one of the best manufacturers of health drinks. One of the main factors that have led to the continuously increasing popularity of the company is directly attributed to the numerous health benefits that the main product of the company provides. Aside from this, it has also become a leading name in the network marketing industry because of the great number of opportunities it provides to individuals to earn and make money.

About the Products

Jusuru Juice is the main product being offered by this network marketing company. The manufacturers of this beverage claims that it contains a lot of healthy ingredients that they say are extremely beneficial to the health, specifically to the health of the skin and the joints of its drinkers. The main ingredient of this beverage is the BioCell Collagen, which is a skin and joint health nutraceutical. This ingredient is said to contain a matrix of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen (type II), and chondroitin sulfate.

Being the main ingredient of the Jusuru Juice, the BioCell Collagen has become a subject of clinical studies and research. These studies have demonstrated not only its efficacy, but also its safety of use. Unlike the other regular dietary supplements made by the company’s competitors that contain a combination of several to multiple ingredients, the manufacturers of this beverage claim that the BioCell Collagen is made from only a single source that is naturally occurring. Combined with the company’s patented Bio-Optimized technology, this beverage is said to be absorbed by the body more rapidly.
Here are the main components of the main ingredient BioCell Collagen of the Jusuru Juice:
• Hyaluronic Acid (HA): This component of the product is a molecule said to help its drinkers by providing the right amount of hydration for the skin and lubrication for the joints. This is a gel-like substance that keeps the cells together and in place. The HA component of the BioCell Collagen is extremely bioavailable because of the patented method used in processing this main ingredient.
• Hydrolyzed Collagen (Type II): This component is the most abundant of all proteins found in the join cartilage as well as in the skin dermis. This provides the framework and the structure of the connective tissues that help keep the skin resilient and firm as well as the joints fluid and active.
• Chondroitin Sulfate: This component is an element of the joint cartilage which is naturally occurring. It provides the cartilage with great shock-absorbing capacity and property.

The Compensation Plan offered by the Company

If you are more interested in earning and making money through the Jusuru Juice, you will be provided by the company with several compensation plans to do just that. You need to sign up to become a member first in order to start earning money. This step involves paying for a small membership fee in order for you to become a distributor of the company’s products.

The compensation packages are multi-level plans that provide you with several ways to make profits. Aside from earning money through direct selling, you will also make profits through the fast start bonuses that the Jusuru Company provides to all its members. You will also be able to make money through team commissions, preferred customers, and in some cases, even a car bonus.


Overall, while you would need to pay for a membership fee before you can become an authorized distributor of the Jusuru products; the compensation that you will receive is fairly good enough. As long as you are patient and you have the right motivation, you will be able to earn and make money through the different compensation packages and bonuses provided by this company.

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