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MLM Lead Specialist Reviews

MLM Lead Specialist Reviews

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MLM Lead Specialist is a leads provider company that supplies multi-level marketing or MLM companies with their much-needed prospects or leads. The success of a network marketing business heavily depends on the amount of new members that are added in the organization. In addition, the sales and distribution of products and services is nearly impossible without the recruitment of potential distributors who are highly interested in becoming involved in a business.

MLM Lead Specialist aims to provide its clients with quality leads that result in converted sales and added income for you and the rest of your business organization. This company primarily helps home-based business owners to find fellow home-based entrepreneurs who are just as equally enthusiastic about multi-level marketing.

The goal of MLM Lead Specialist as a leads distributing company is to generate quality leads that:

  • Will convert to product sales and service acquisition
  • Membership of prospects or leads as parts of a network marketing company

    It should be noted that the success of an MLM company does not solely depend on sales, but is also based on the number of new members that are recruited over time. MLM Lead Specialist delivers high-quality leads that can deliver both of these benefits to its customer base.

    Information gathered by a leads provider company such as MLM Lead Specialist is crucial for MLM home businesses to advance and succeed. Responsive leads become buyers and MLM members at the same time. It is the task of MLM Lead Specialist to generate as much premium business opportunity leads to existing MLM associates and business owners. This eventually results in the increase of rewards, incentives, and profit of a home-based MLM business. Without meaningful prospects, a network marketing business will have a difficult time selling their products to potential distributors. Furthermore, the recruitment process for new members becomes tedious and time-consuming for MLM members as well.

    How does MLM Lead Specialist generate meaningful leads for clients?


    The innovative and unique leads generation process utilized by MLM Lead Specialist starts with a prospect answering the company’s various National Advertising Campaigns. The response is then organized for easier utilization and management when distributed to MLM clients, Leads coming from MLM Lead Specialist are fresh, targeted, and responsive. Company clients are guaranteed to close deals with accurate prospects, thus making it relatively easier for MLM members to expand their home business and increase sales at the same time.

    MLM Lead Specialist Features


    • Meaningful network MLM leads

    By using leads information coming from MLM Lead Specialist, a home-based business owner will have an easy time in communicating with individuals who have the same business goals and objectives. The list of leads provided by the company can be a great way of expanding your business’ reach and influence. Since leads given by the company are targeted, you gain prospects and close sales in a rather simple and effortless manner.


    • Automated Follow-Up

    MLM Lead Specialist not only delivers fresh leads to each and every one of their clients, they also deliver features that enhance the marketing and advertising efforts of home based businesses. The Autoresponder and Real Time Broadcast features enable MLM members to leave automated messages in the contact details of prospects who have recently expressed their interest in setting up their own home based-business. These automated follow-up features are undeniably effective tools that encourage and excite prospects to become members and distributors in your business organization.

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    • Lead Management System
    Leads are not enough for a home business to get started with recruiting and selling of products. They need an efficient management system where they can store and update prospect information. MLM Lead Specialist provides customers with advanced management system that allows business owners to:
    - Sort leads
    - Schedule meeting with prospects
    - Schedule follow-up calls
    - Create auto responder messages
    A home business can definitely save time and increase productivity by simply using their modern lead management system tool.


    • Premium, Quality Leads

    MLM Lead Specialist is known for their consistency in delivering the freshest leads among home businesses. They have been around for years now simply because they are highly-reliable when it comes to the generation of targeted leads. The leads are not recycled and are delivered in an orderly format.

    • MLM Marketing Tips and Tricks

    Aside from leads generation, MLM Lead Specialist also offer trainings and tutorials among its clients. The company has been able to provide useful and invaluable information on the latest trends and innovations in the multi-level marketing industry.


    • Free Phone Burner Feature

    If you want to enhance your productivity and increase your marketing efforts , the PhoneBurner Service is an added feature that you may want to consider. This tool is exclusively offered by MLM Lead Specialist. It enables home businesses to connect with Live prospects while simultaneously having the ability of leaving voice messages to prospects who are unavailable upon reach.


    MLM Lead Specialist Products


    MLM Lead Specialist offers the following products at affordable rates:

    • Surveyed Leads
    • Optin Leads
    • Aged Leads
    • Bulk Email Leads

    Basic contact information is provided across all of these products. They come in packages making it relatively affordable for clients to order leads in bulk.

    Customer Reviews

    Not all customer feedbacks about MLM Lead Specialist are positive. In fact, many of their customers complain about worthless, recycled, and disorganized leads. However these complaints have inspired the company to improve on their management and organization of leads. They were also able to improve on their customer service skills by providing clients more channels for inquiry.

    Overall the low-cost service that MLM Lead Specialist provides is definitely a must-try for home business owners who would like to take their business ventures up a notch. The continuous effort in providing quality leads proves to be paying off as more home businesses are heavily relying on the company when it comes to the delivery of premium leads.

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    1. MLM Lead Specialist is a joke! My first order had NO interested people even though I selected the category of interested people. Ok, second order, a few voicemails but mainly empty numbers. And MLM noLead Specialist does not refund bad email addresses or “Temporarily NOT in service” numbers or completely wrong numbers as BAD leads!

      • This site is a scam. I ordered pre-screened leads for people with at least $400 to invest. Also they are supposed to double check that the individual truly was interested in home based business opportunities. They are supposed to send a given lead to two customers within the first 24 hours. As soon as I had received the leads I called the prospects. Everyone of them was agitated from receiving numerous calls. Several of them confirmed they had only put their names on a single website for information. This company is selling the lead to many more people than they advertise.

    2. I have used them off and on for 8 years. I have gotten AMAZING results from some leads and horrible from others. I used the redirect leads. My website only showed about 1/4 the visitors from leads redirected to me so when I called they most had no idea what I was talking about.

      On a side note I did 3 exclusive leads a day and called almost immediately and started getting some results.

      Alot had to do with the approach you take with the but I am only giving 2.5 stars since the redirect leads were not what they said they were.

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