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HBB Leads Reviews

HBB Leads Reviews

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HBB Leads – Overview

Online companies had sprouted in numbers exponentially over the last decade due to the advancement of technological tools such as the Internet and it also includes HBB Leads. Like in conventional business, these companies also sell goods and services that may suit the needs of over billions of Internet Users daily! Among these are Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies who have kept their poise from direct selling to online marketing. These companies had been known with their very own products sold through franchise distributors worldwide. Taking advantage with the Internet, they have extended their influence to a greater pool of prospect

HBB Leads ReviewsHowever, fishing out the best and most reliable prospects in the worldwide reservoir of possible distributors sounds quite a big task since you are now dealing with people of different culture and beliefs. Some may even find your business opportunity absurd. To give an answer to this kind of necessity, another type of company emerged. Companies selling leads also grew in number. These groups of people sell contact details of persons who are interested in starting their own home-based business. Among these companies is HBB Leads. Known for its wide choice of lead packages, it has soared high in the online marketing world.

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HBB Leads – the Features

Excellent Lead Choices

HBB Leads sell contact details specifically sorted out to meet your prospecting preferences. Among the leads they offer are as listed below:

• Canadian Leads. These leads are exclusively Canada-based. This is perfect when your target prospects are just located on Canada.

• Christian Leads. These leads are perfect when your business opportunity is exclusive only for your Christian brothers and sisters.

HBB Leads Diet Leads• Diet Leads. Nowadays, thousands of people are getting more health-conscious or should I say, weight-conscious. These people are the greatest consumers of weight-loss products. So, when your company is dealing with such goods, this type of leads is just perfect for you.

• Email Leads. An email message will be sent to you containing the leads you have ordered.

• Interviewed Leads. These contact persons are carefully interviewed by the company through phone calls to verify their interest in taking the business opportunity you are offering. Now, you are assured that the leads being delivered to you had confirmed that they would like to talk about the business.

• Local Leads. Local leads are the contact details that were sorted out by their localities.

• Long Form Leads. These people have given their contact details by filling out a form for which stands as a confirmation that they like to receive information about the business opportunity you are to offer.

Other leads available are: Post Card Leads, Radio Leads, Short Form Leads, Surveyed Leads, Voicemail Leads and Website Redirect Leads.

• Budget-Wise Lead Packages. It offers packages that are pocket-friendly yet not sacrificing the quality of leads they deliver to you. Their package choice includes Super Value Pack and Value Mini Pack:

  • Super Value Pack 600/60: 660 leads where 600 are 7-30 days old and 60 real time leads.
  • Super Value Pack 600/60: 660 female leads for which 60 are real time and 600 of 7-30 days old.
  • Value Mini Pack I: This package includes 100 Surveyed Leads (7-30 days old), 100 Post Card Leads and 40 Real Time Short Form Leads.
  • Value Mini Pack II: This package includes 200 Surveyed Leads (7-30 days old), 40 Real Time Short Form Leads.

All these packages come in at an affordable price to help you begin your prospecting task in a practical way.

• Replacement Leads Guaranteed to Cover Up for Bad Leads. There may be cases of incorrect or invalid phone numbers. These are called bad leads. All orders that you would make will include at least 10% extra leads for free added to your account. You may also avail the 5-day return policy to replace bad leads with good ones.

• HBB Leads are trusted by distributors from well-known companies. These companies include:

ACN Advocare AmeriplanUSA
Agel Amway Amsoil
Arbonne Avon Automatic Builder
BioPerformance Acai Plus Coastal Vacations
CyberWize Discovery Toys Domains Int’l
Eniva Forte FreeLife
Forever Living Fuel Freedom Int’l Fund America Inc.
GDI Global Herbalife Isagenix
Juice Plus Kleeneze Life Force International
Liberty League LongaBerger Mannatech
Market America Mary Kay Melaleuca
Mona Vie My World Plus MyPowerMall
National Safety Associates Neways New Vision
Nikken NHT Global Nu Skin
PPL PrePaidLegal Pampered Chef Pro Wealth Solutions
Platinum One Destinations Oxyfresh Passion Parties
Quixtar Shaklee Stream Energy
Success University Sunrider International Tahitian Noni
Telecom Plus TravelWorks Trivita
Uri International uVme Vemma
Watkins Xango Your Travel Business

And many more! If these companies had trusted HBB Leads, how can you not?


HBB Leads – the Pros

HBB Leads Special OffersHBB Leads provides extensive services so designed to give you more advantage than down sides in your business. Having this as your partner in prospecting is a really great asset since it can help you from prospecting to maintaining your momentum in business. It has also catered to distributors from companies known to be of high quality and standards which only means that it is reliable and trustworthy.

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Lastly, the training they provide will guide you regarding lead calling and business management.


HBB Leads – the Cons

The only down side that I can find with it is that there had been reported complaints about their technical support. There were times when they could not be reached via phone calls. So far, it never happened to me. Those were just reports I found over the Internet.


The Verdict on HBB Leads

What’s not to love with HBB leads? Basically, there is none. The company has everything that you may need from beginning to sustaining your business. Therefore, I recommend HBB Leads as a good company to invest in.

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  1. Earlier this year (2013) I had aproblem with technical/phone support. I have to write 3 very firm and threatening to go to the Attorney General emails to get someone to return my phone call and fix my account. I decided to give them another try and the last 2 months the customer service is much better. I’m sure at the beginning of the year the company received several complaints and that is one reason why the service has improve.

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